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It is the dream of most couples to have their own children as part of their relationship. In India 1 in 6 couples will have problems conceiving.
The Blossom Fertility and IVF Centre aims to reduce the stress and hassle associated with infertility investigations and treatment, by offering a one-stop diagnostic and treatment service for infertile couples.

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Hi,we are greatfull to Blossom Fertility & IVF Centre, Surat, India for everything and their support. Now we have three children. Once again thank you to Blossom IVF Centre team and Dr Rupal shah.

Thanx , Hazra and Shiraz Patel, London,UK



Dear Rupal bhabhi,
Rang-&-RidhamHow can we express our feelings of joy and excitement in words! we honestly feel that no word in dictionary can describe them in real sense of term but beholden we are,we are trying our best.

The expertise you have achieved in the field of the has proved to be a boon in our life.Through this technology we are blessed with an invaluable gift of twins that we have loving named – he baby ‘RANG’ and she baby-‘RIDHAM’.we can not restrain saying that Rang has filled our life which at stage seemed to be colourless with colour and Ridham-to be limping with Rhythm.(laya).Rupalben,let our feelings say emphatically that what looked to us to be an impossible moment for our life has been made possible through your sincere,serious and whole-hearted efforts,your honest and humble commitment to your profession.The existance of Rang & Ridham are really a miracle.Hats off to you and to your expertise. on the auspicious of the opening of your centre in a leaps and bounds developing surat, we from within wish it a success and you a prestigious career.”

With regards,
Indebted yours
we Rachna & Krunal Kapadia


Dear Dr Praful Doshi,
I am Ramesh Reddi, working as an Deputy General Manager of Essar power ltd. We have been living at Surat for last 7 years since 2004. We had started married life at Vadodara in year of 2000.

We were happy to live in Surat after getting married. We did not face any critical situation related to financial or Family problem. Life was going on very smoothly. Enviroment is also good to stay in Essar Nand Niketan Town ship.

Slowly we were thinking to have a child in our life. We wanted baby in our life so that we all can be living a lift very happy. So we started step towards this. But we couldn’t make it.

We had been facing lot of troubles for getting pregnancy of my wife. Even after 9 years of completion of our marriage life, we were not happy to much due to this. We had taken lot care to do total medical check up lot of time in Vadodara city. Frequent medical check-up also were carried out near our native place at Chennai Apollo-Hospital also.

We faced more difficulties while medical checkup for pregnancy in Chennai hospital as hospital was not well equipped with all equipment regarding the pregnancy test. Every time we had to depend on different lab & hospitals for sonography, X ray and other test. We had to run different hospital as per the test requirement. Also we spent too much time in this duration. But we couldn’t get any proper solution from doctors of Chennai Hospitals. Even Doctors were also not cautious abouth the particular case.

In the mean time, we had heard lot of about “Mee & Mummy Hospital of Surat City”. With better hope , we have concern the Me &Mummy hospitals. While visiting the hospitals we found that, doctors and staffs were so much concern about every individual cures are being given to different person. They were taking too much care while giving single pre-scription to any of the patient. We were inspired due to this. We decided to start the medical treatment from this hospital. We started consulting the doctors from the hospitals. We found that doctors from “Me & Mummy” were so much concern about every test. They had taken too much care on every test. Starting from first test to pregnancy, they provided detailed feed back and support so that any abnormalities will not come.

We sometimes lost the faith from our-self but by support and positive response provided by them , also hospital were so much good equipped and doctors personnly were taken lot of care of our-self, we regain our faith in our-self and god.

Recently we have received God Gift through Me & Mummy, as a baby child in the year 2009. It was time when all our wishes have almost complete by means of baby child. We were very lucky person that even after a long-long time we receive Baby boy.

We received baby boy in premature delivery, Boy has put in glass box for two months, and Doctors were provided great concern in this period also.

Today our chiled Name: Vishnu is fit in every types. We really thank a god that they suggested us to concern with Me & Mummy Hospitals.”

We recommend this hospital, for every mother who are facing difficulties in pregnancy period.

All medical facilities are at one place. All examinations are being done by Doctors only. Doctors are very kind in counseling consulting and provided significant moral support.

During 4(from 2005 to 2009) years examinations, we have faced six times treatment was taken at Me & Mummy. All the staffs were prayed for us i.e. nurses, mousi, cleaning staff, admin staff and also car parking security, lift man every person.

Doctor had promised us, “you should get baby, you should live our hospital with baby.
Dr.Praful commitment, and faith in the god,
we have received god gift as a Vishnu.

Presently, we have second pregnancy on the month of 8th with any medical treatment with Me & Mummy consultancy”

Kavitha and Ramesh Reddi


“How could we ever begin to express our sincere gratitude to someone who has given us and our families the biggest happiness of our life? A Gift of life is what Dr.Praful and his team has blessed us with. Throughout the Entire IVF treatment at “ME AND MUMMY HOSPITAL” Dr. Prafuldoshiand his team were warmth, personal and easy to work with which made our entire experience a pleasant one. We cannot describe our joy when my wife’s blood test showed positive pregnancy. We were overwhelmed with joy and happiness. Nine months later my wife delivered a set of twins, 1 baby boy (Ansh) and 1 baby girl(Aanshi).

What more can we ask for at that time? Every time, we look at our little bundles of joy, we feel overwhelmed with gratitude for Dr. Praful and his team and cannot thank them enough in words. Our dream has finally come true. We are blessed with our precious twins Ansh and Aanshi who is now 20 months old and perfectly healthy. We love them to death. Thanks to genuinelywonderful, talented and caring human beings Dr. Praful for helping us with this miracle and blessing in our lives. You are the best doctor in the world and we truly appreciate from bottom of our heart for what you have done for us and our families.”

With Appreciation
Girish and Rima Patel – USA



“We recommend this hospital to anyone who is in need of a great IVF center, this hospital is full of caring members, who are always at your need. Dr.Praful bhai gave us the gift we were waiting for. Without his team members and Dr. Praful bhai this wouldnt have been a dream come true. Thank you for giving us the two sweetest boys after so long, gods gift was great. We suggest this hospital to all of our friends, and anyone who is looking forward to it.”

Vijay & Pragna – USA

Dear Dr. Praful Doshi & Dr. Mitsu Doshi,
I want to show my appreciation I feel towards you and your hospital for giving me the ultimate bliss of my life. I remember when I first contacted to you from US via phone and email, how comfortable you made me feel with your consultation which made me come down to India without any further doubts or concerns. After meeting Dr. Praful Doshi for the first time, I knew that I was in right place doing the right thing and the most importantly that I was in safe hands. Although, the cause of my infertility was unknown after getting all the medical reports normal, we decided to go for IVF to avoid any further delays in having our family life. The care and the attention that I was given was so positive and convincing that I had no doubts about conceiving in my first trial of IVF. Dr. Praful, not only helped me with the treatment but also gave me lots of courage and strength to believe and expect the positive results. He made the whole experience stress free by preparing me physically and mentally which was very necessary in this kind of procedure. The whole team worked very closely and explained at every step of the stage regarding the progress to ensure the desired results. Today, I am blessed with 3 sons and its out of this world feeling. I had undergone two IVF’s and in both I conceived in the first trial. Thank you sir to you and your entire team for making this dream come true. I will always be grateful to have made the right choice by coming to you.

Heartiest Thank you,


Dr Rupal ,

We r highly elated n thankful to u for bringing joy in our world in the form of RUUSHI our only son after 17 long years of seeing not less than 15 Doctors and n number of Treatments n our final try was with Dr. Rupal who as an Angel has filled our Life with this Bundle of JOY !!!!! We thank her for build our confidence and calling us from Mumbai and give us Hope (which is quite unusual as no Doctor we met had ever called us )I was somehow positive though my wife had lost hope,n we met Dr n met our dream ,joy ,and touched Life divinely (even now every time i am upset or not fine i just see RUUSHI and i forget the whole world.This was due to our Dr.We thank her 1000 times n wish god increase her tribe n fulfill all her dreams.We wish her Best of Luck in all her Endeavors in Life.

Vassant, RUUSHI and Sangeetha


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