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Realising your dream
It is the dream of most couples to have their own children as part of their relationship. In India 1 in 6 couples will have problems conceiving.
The Blossom Fertility and IVF Centre aims to reduce the stress and hassle associated with infertility investigations and treatment, by offering a one-stop diagnostic and treatment service for infertile couples.

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About Our Clinic

“Together Everyone Achieves More.”

After providing high standards of fertility treatment that match the care available in the best centers across the nation for many decades individually through “Me & Mummy IVF Centre” and “RupaI Hospital for Women”, we are now joining hands with a commitment to offer to our patients clinical excellence, cost-effective treatment options, personalized compassionate care, and exceptional success rate.

Special Feature – CLASS 10,000 LABORATORY

This kind of facility is being offered for the first time in South Gujarat. It entails the most modern air handling unit (AHU) which ensures highly sterile atmosphere for embryos as per international norms.

In IVF, the results largely depend on the atmosphere in which embryos have to stay for 3-5 days out of uterus. Embryos are very sensitive and are easily insulted by any adverseconditions, which results in their failure to grow. At Blossom we have tried to address this by putting in very sophisticated class 10000 lab.

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This is the place where all embryos live and grow before they go back to their mother’s uterus. Our 2 Heracell (Germany), 2 Labotact (Germany) and 2 Minc-Cook (Australia) CO2, and Triple gas incubators provide an atmosphere similar to mother’s uterus.

Laminar Flow

Laminar flow provides a workplace which provides super sterile atmosphere while handling the dishes, eggs, sperm and embryos.

Stereo Zoom Microscopes (Olympus, Germany)

Stereo Zoom Microscopes which produce 3D images are used in IVF lab for egg harvesting during ovum pick-up and other detailed procedures.

ICSI – Micromanipulator (Narishige, Japan)

ICSI is a revolution in male infertility. With this technique, the male partner with almost nil sperm count also has chance of enjoying fatherhood.

Advanced Facilities Offered

Apart from routine IUI, IVF and ICSI, Blossom Fertility and IVF Centre provides the following highly skilled Assisted Reproductive Technologies:

Embryo, Sperm and Egg Freezing

We at Blossom offer excellent vitrification technique which provides a lot of flexibility to the couple. Also in case of failed cycle, the cost with frozen embryo IVF is significantly reduced.

Advanced treatment for severe male infertility (MESA and TESA)

When a man has little or no sperm in his ejaculate, it may be possible to retrieve sperm from his testicles or epididymis and have a baby through ICSI.


In case of a woman who has no uterus or severely damaged uterus, or a woman who has had multiple miscarriages, we offer surrogacy which enables the couple to have their own child.

Laser Hatching

In laser assisted hatching, an extremely minute hole is made in the outer shell of the embryo using computer-guided laser energy for repeated IVF failures or IVF in older age.

Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis(PGD)

This is a highly advanced technique available at our center for the avoidance of certain genetic conditions, such as Down‘s syndrome or thalassemia major.


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